Quantum’s transformation coaches Ted Ball, Ken Moore and Art Frohwerk have sixty years of research and organizational transformation knowledge-product development experience among them. These master learning facilitators have created world-leading best practice systems thinking tools for:

  • Strategy Development
  • Strategy Execution
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Balanced Governance Scorecards
  • Organizational Redesign and
  • Patient Experience Design Methodologies.

Our services


Quantum has a fully integrated capacity-building program that normally requires an 18-month learning journey in which up to 200 managers will develop the capacity to transform their organization into a true Learning Organization. Participants achieve significant progress on 8 Human Capital Outcomes (click to download). Evaluations of our CEO and senior team-led capacity-building workshops are available. To review our core technologies & processes for organizational and health sector transformation please take a look at our chart Learning Organization Tools and Processes.


We offer world-leading Patient Experience Design Methodologies. These truly innovative and effective methodologies are very exciting because they transform the customer/patient/client experience – while significantly improving efficiency and creating more satisfied and engaged healthcare service providers. For more information read our document Experience Design Storyboard and Master Process.

To learn more about Patient-Centred Care, click the link to view Ted Ball and others on TVO’s Agenda program.


Current CEOs who really want to make a lasting impact on their organization, and on their local healthcare delivery system, and “up-and-comers” who are preparing to become a CEO, will be interested in exploring the Quantum Leadership Institute’s coaching program. Would this type of support provide you with what you need to succeed? Select our Leadership Institute Curriculum to learn more.


We help Boards and Management Teams build effective, synergistic partnerships.

To explore your organization’s level of transformation readiness at the Governance & Managerial levels score yourself on this survey: Governance and Managerial Transformation Readiness.

Quantum provides coaching and facilitation for Boards who want to create a Balanced Governance Scorecard that is aligned with the organization’s scorecard. For a presentation on Governance Renewal by Gordon Cheesbrough, and to learn more about our Leadership Capacity-Building Workshop, please select Governance Presentation and Balanced Scorecard Leadership Workshop