Smart organizations support their leaders. They invest in on-going talent management.

“Identifying and engaging the next generation of Emerging Health Leaders is a foremost challenge for the Canadian healthcare system. If intellectual capital is the currency of the 21st century, identifying and developing leaders must be a strategic objective of innovative and progressive health organizations.” Healthcare Management Forum, Spring/Printemps  2011


The Quantum Leadership Institute has a powerful and insightful curriculum that is fully customized to meet the goals and needs of each individual. Healthcare organizations that are prepared to invest in their emerging leaders should consider investing $5,000 in a three-day interactive evaluation with transformation coach, Ted Ball. You can co-design your own leadership development program; or decide not to proceed. Either way, you will obtain powerful insights by participating in this thought-provoking interactive evaluation process.

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As you read through what the system will be like when we evolve into a 2nd Curve Health System Design over the next three to five years, what do you think are the skills and capabilities required by 2nd Curve health care leaders? Who are the Second Curve Leaders who are “up next” to lead? (To read more about 1st and 2nd Curve systems, you’re welcome to download Designing and Creating Second Curve Healthcare Systems. )

Participants engage in a two and a half-day generative coaching contracting dialogue — and mutually agree on how Ted will “add value” to their goals in a customized coaching program designed to meet their unique needs and budget.

For CEO’s who are perhaps five to ten years from retirement – people who want to make a difference, and want to maximize their impact on their organization, and on their community – the Quantum Leadership Institute can help you achieve the legacy your organization and community deserve. Click the link for more details about the program to determine if it just might meet your unique needs.

Talk to Ted about building a customized leadership coaching program at 416-581.8814.