Ted BallTED BALL is a partner in Quantum Transformation Technologies, a consulting firm specializing in building the internal capacity of organizations to redesign and transform themselves using the systems-thinking-based tools and processes developed by Quantum and its strategic partners, Quantum Innovations of Austin Texas, and Clearpath of Seattle Washington.

For the past twenty years Ted has worked on leading-edge knowledge product development teams to create tools and processes that liberate the knowledge & wisdom of frontline workers to redesign their systems, structures and processes to improve quality, efficiency and to enhance the patient experience. These tools combine the art and science of organizational alignment, leveraged strategic thinking and story-boarding.

Ted understands the “big picture”. He has worked as a speech writer, policy advisor and Chief-of-Staff to Ontario Ministers of Health from all three political parties. He has operated as a transformation coach to CEOs of hospitals, CCAC’s, community services and Think Tanks as well as a facilitator for high performance teams developing strategy, creating knowledge products, shifting corporate culture, designing new governance processes and reconfiguring whole service delivery systems.

Quantum facilitated the Board and Senior Management Team at North York General Hospital to create the first Balanced Governance Scorecard at a Canadian hospital. Most recently, Ted has been an innovator in the field of experience design – methods and processes created to enhance and dramatically improve the patient experience by mobilizing the knowledge and wisdom of front-line healthcare service providers.



Art FrohwerkArt Frohwerk, of Clearpath, LLC of Seattle, Washington, develops transformational strategy, experience design, and process innovation.  He is a pioneer in the field of experience design methodologies and has invented many of the discipline’s best practice tools — including the Experience Design Storyboard and Master Process.

Art combines his education in engineering and psychology with his experience as Chief Electronic Engineer at Walt Disney Imagineering, where he built a 200+ person organization and orchestrated project/technology strategies to design and engineer the Shows, Rides and Park-wide Systems for EPCOT Center, Tokyo Disneyland, and the Disney/MGM Studio Tour theme parks.  For over twenty years, his passion has been to create the conditions for positive, meaningful patient experiences in healthcare, and student experiences in education.

In Canada, Art collaborates with Quantum Transformation Technologies as a capacity-building coach and discovery facilitator who teaches our clients how to design the patient/family experience.

Art presented “Framework for Patient Care” at The Change Foundation’s Meeting of the Minds conference in June, 2010.



Misha Glouberman has worked with Quantum on a number of capacity-building projects in which we needed to engage the collective intelligence of the groups we work with, in our Patient/Client Experience Design Process. Misha works with Quantum’s transformation coaches to facilitate patients and their families – as well as front-line care providers – to extract their collective intelligence as organizations implement the ideas they set out in the Storyboards and Roadmaps designed to improve the Patient/Client Journey that they created together.

Misha’s working style combines analytic rigor with a very creative people-centred approach. He is the author, with Sheila Heti, of The Chairs Are Where The People Go. While still just a kid, many people find that Misha has already gained some invaluable insights and wisdom about people and their extraordinary capabilities.

At Quantum, Misha works with our transformation coaches and clients to custom-design Open Space Conferences that enable them to tap into the collective intelligence of care providers, patients, families and administrators.

You can learn more about Misha at Collective Intelligence.



Tom Van Dawark is the former Board Chair of Virginia Mason Health System in Seattle – the leading-edge healthcare delivery system for patient-centred, safety-focused and high-quality care delivered by committed and aligned processes.

Tom works in collaboration with Quantum Transformation Coaches to support Governance Boards provide stewardship to management’s efforts to improve: patient/family satisfaction levels; quality and safety outcomes; a more leverage use of resources — as well as improved staff/physician satisfaction levels.

As a former CEO of a shipping company that experienced “high consequences” from errors and mistakes – causing injuries and death — Tom brought a great deal of empathy to healthcare for the challenges that management and front-line caregivers experience on a daily basis, and the role that hospital boards can play to support their CEOs as leaders for patient safety and quality improvement.

He coaches Boards on becoming patient-centered and quality-focused and to understand how they can truly “add value” to the organization’s efforts to improve the patient experience.

To learn more about Tom Van Dawark, visit his website @ Orca Partners LLC.